Have you ever tried a usb business card as a marketing tool?


The forms that has taken over the marketing over the years more and more varied: from the agenda to notepad pen. But now the classic gadgets like key chains and pendants enclosures phones and their ilk, they have lost over the years, their charm and bewitch useful to attract potential customers. What can you do then, to give the “right ” gadget, releasing at the same time support which contains information and contact details of the company but is at the same time appreciation for your customers?

The idea in my opinion, better suited to make inroads, is the creation of customized USB flash drives, but in a whole new dress: the so called USB business card. A trendy marketing tool, which has its emotional effect, but mostly, and I highlight above all, very useful for your customers.

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What’s better than a usb business card as a marketing tool of the first meeting?
First, it can always come in handy in daily activities, it is nice to see because it is branded with taste ( and add us a bit of creativity never hurts ), and is within reach of every pocket (you can easily carry it in a pocket for a wallet) .

In my opinion, a great marketing tool that will certainly have its costs (higher than a typical business card paper), but we are sure (or almost) that will be made to good use and, on reflection, may also be a dual marketing tool. It may be that our client our promoter unbeknownst to him, as to use the usb business card in length and breadth unknowingly to show all the company logo and perhaps even attracting the attention of some curious, helping to grow so our brand awareness.

From my point of view, the higher the storage capacity of the usb business card, the greater the success in terms of marketing and then who ever think of throwing in the trash (as is done with a simple paper ticket) from a USB key 8 or 16 GB?

So, I think if you want to leave a good impression and make sure that your customers or potential customers remember you and your company, a business card is a great tool to fashion, which, while respecting the corporeal identity, is strong emotional impact.