The importance of web marketing for businesses with Daniele Pitteri

Daniele Pitteri al WebUpdate 2014

“The great potential changes to the web 2.0 are relevant. But effectively the majority of businesses do not fully grasp the opportunities and remain tied to old processes.” Word of Daniele Pitteri. The ‘expert in communication and cultural processes, to give back to the world of the network also as chairman of Mohma Ltd. and professor of advertising’ Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Communication strategies and web marketing as key words for the 43% of Italian companies that once affidatesi to social media, they found a wider dissemination of their content and the brand’s 33%.

“The marketing and communication – Pitteri states, also former vice president of Industrial Unions – change when the world changes, according to an interconnection will be the subject of my contribution to the conference of Webupdate March 22 at Science City.”

How is changing the way of doing business with the web 2.0?

The changes are many, some determinants already, others still light, but potentially decisive. Surely the greatest impact Web 2.0 is provoking him on the side of the internal organization and on the commercial side. The platforms of social enterprise, sharing tools work, the cloud are changing in depth the dynamics and internal business processes. In addition to velocizzarli dematerialize them, that do not require more than the place and workplace. The e-commerce platforms offer businesses if well used, even small ones, the opportunity not only commercial, but also related to internationalization, impossible until a few years ago. And it is obvious that in terms of brand reputation effects of Web 2.0 may be relevant. In general, therefore great potential changes.

Through tools such as a startup can get publicity on the web?

Let’s say that the use of the term advertising on the web is quite dystonic. Advertising is a communication process that focuses on commercial media. It is a precise language, whose natural environment is the mass media. The web is not a mass media and therefore is not a place or a space or environment or can be useful for advertising. It is of course a place to do business communication, but this is developed with languages ​​and forms of expression that have nothing to do with advertising. That said, it seems to me almost an idle question: what is the difference between a start-up and normal company already on the market? The question for me is: what tools companies can do commercial communication on the web? With many of course, sites, newsletters, indexing, post, etc.. but, again, the tool itself does not mean anything. This is the strategy that makes you choose and use, what matters is the way you use it.

What future developments we can assume in the world of marketing and communications ?

Where channels are developed and potential, both physical and technological, both analog and digital in which they can meet different subjects, will host the marketing and communication. Both of the other processes are aimed at one goal: to determine profits and value. It is precisely for this reason, are related to social, cultural and economic processes much broader and more complex. The marketing and communication change when the world changes and their future is only in the direction that takes the latter.

How is it possible for a company to intercept the target audience before you start a business communication?

Before any communication activity will not intercept the target if it is not by accident. If anything it finds, you understand what place / time / space / environment you can cross. It will then be the task of communication to intercept, if done well. Before you can only understand it is necessary to understand and study it. The web offers marketing and communication, the possibility of developing ethnographic approaches that are quite revolutionary and it can become really effective. But to men of understanding, and then marketing it is the phase of implementation.

How important are events as a communication tool and what role do they have?

As with all tools of communication and marketing, the importance is never absolute but always relative to a number of variables. All the tools are so important and at the same time is not important if disconnected from the context in which they must be applied. However, today’s events have a role and a different weight than in the past, because the dynamics of the consumer research community of people who share consumption is becoming a basic mode. The event becomes the tool that can bring together people who have the same interest, taking on a potentially huge. However, most of the events organized and promoted by these companies almost never do not dwell on the processes and therefore appear disconnected from the dynamics of consumption and the needs / desires of consumers. They are almost always self-referential and not never or hardly ever arise as a link. What determines the strength and effectiveness of the event is not the idea that the information, but the ability to create links.