If Superman had a GoPro?


All of us know the evergreen superhero by the name of human Clark Kent, but more commonly remembered as Superman. A superhero who fought against social injustice and that he had superpowers envied by generations of children. He, who with his red cape and blue suit, worthy of the best carnival suit of all time, was able to lift cars with one finger thanks to his superhuman strength, he had an x-ray vision so desired by teenagers savvy and between the various super- senses such as hearing and vision, heat vision and vulnerability, (I had to wikipedia dusting of course .. ), the superpower for excellence that remains in the collective imagination of each of us when we think of Superman is the ability to fly.

A top-trending desire in the mind of each of us, that today, thanks to the drones, we can satisfy our curiosity and see how it could be the view from above ” birdeye”. At this point, in terms of superhero you’ve ever wondered if Superman existed today, it would be fun to see how his “activities” through the eye of the legendary GoPro camera?

Well, maybe this has been the question that will be made if not the creative genius of the makers of the California Corridor Digital. These YouTubers have thus made ​​a great video posted on YouTube, where special effects worthy of note, and with the use of some drones we will really have to laugh and be amazed!

Oh I forgot! To date has been seen “only” 10 million and 600 thousand times. If deserves your own view?