Search users on Facebook from the phone number!

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Yes, you read that right! Facebook has a bug which to date has not solved 100%. If you have a cell phone number, you can easily find the Facebook profile of that person.

Suriya Prakash is a researcher has notified Facebook that he had found a flaw in the search for new contacts. In fact, he noted that enabled him to discover the phone number of the majority of social network users . The search is done on users obviously not friends, because obviously if you are already a friend of yours just go to his profile and click on “More Information”.

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Facebook has acknowledged the bug confirming that the method worked, but I would add that still works and you can test it the same because it’s all very simple: get yourself a phone number to test, enter it into the search field (where you always enter the name and last name) and this is the person associated with the phone number.

If the user of Facebook has allowed in its security settings that the information on their profile to be visible to everyone, so it is easy to then be able to connect a face to a name and number, also generated randomly!

In the meantime, that the staff of Zuckemberg Privacy solve this bug , here’s what you need to do :

Click on “information” from your profile page and then click on “contact information”. At this point, choose whether to delete the phone number or make it public only to friends. Now return to the Home of Facebook, click in the upper right and you will find the drop down menu “Settings Privacy Policy.” Next click on “Connection of you,” and there is “Who can find you using the e-mail address or phone number you provided ?”. In this case you will need to either limit it to friends or friends of friends, if you do not want anyone who can connect your phone number to your face.